Nite Guard Solar, your experience with it?


13 Years
May 29, 2010
Just like it says above, how does yours work? How many do you have? And where is the cheapest place to get it, shipped? So far the manufacturer ships it for $28 total.
I have four solar Nite Guards on each side of the run at about 3' height. I put them up last fall before I even had any chickens. Got my chickens this March and have not seen any type of predator in my yard or around the coop and run at all. Don't know if it's because the Nite Guards work or because the predators haven't figured out that I have chickens yet. They're out there flashing away every night! I paid $99 for the set of four from McMurray. Sorry, I can't remember what I paid for shipping.
Thinking I might invest in one or more of these...last year we lost our little flock of ducks(partly to our forgetting to lock them up at night...ooops)
to either an owl or a coon(I assume). We've had a "cute little skunk", as my DH has been calling it, wandering around the yard that last several nights. We don't have our chickies yet, but I'm sure once he gets a hankering for chick and sees that we've added some to the premisis, he'll be around more often...And I'm NOT dealing with another skunked dog right before bed again! Dumb dog took off like lightning when we let her out for her last potty time before bed last night...needless to say it wasn't pretty!
I have my reservations about the concept of a flash in the eyes detering a predator. I've flashed too many wolves, fox, coyotes, coon, etc and checked back and the eyes were still there. Maybe they have a special color researched that is more effective then red or white but I'll wait and see. Till then you shoot between the 2 dots and hope they did not learn to walk side by side with their outside eye closed.
I use flashing novelty lights from spencer to draw bobcats to my traps CD's and Christmas tinsel work well too anything that piques a houscats interest works for bobkitties as well
Yup that's the ticket. I'm so glad you found them as I forgot where they are available. This is the cheapest and most effective predator control I have come up with. These lights blink on and off slowly - not like a neon sign - but they slowly increase in brightness and slowly go out about every 60 to 90 seconds. For $15 I would highly recommend that everyone give this a try.
I have eight around my coops. Came home later then expected one night and lost two chickens to a raccoon. It walked right up the ramp with the Nite Eyes looking right at it. (This was the only way in or out of the coop). So I think they are pretty much worthless. Now I make sure someone is always home to look up the flock at dusk.
I just bought five but have yet to put them up. The reviews on Amazon are pretty good, and they had the cheapest price I could find ($19 each, no tax, free shipping). I figure even if these things are only somewhat effective (20%?) I'll take it over nothingness.

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