NJ- Cream Legbar & Bresse breeding pairs and roosters for sale!


13 Years
Oct 10, 2008
North Jersey
Hello and thank you for viewing my listing.

I have young Cream Legbar and Bresse breeding pairs available for sale. These chickens were born end of August 2017 and purchased/received directly from Greenfire Farms.

The Legbars are the improved Jill Reese lines, and just started laying recently for us. Production has been very well and we have our hens with roosters together in the same chicken coop.

I also have Bresse breeding pairs as well as individual roosters for sale. The Bresse are very productive and robust.

I am selling Cream Legbar pairs for $85.00, individual males for $30.

I am selling Bresse pairs for $75.00, individual males for $35

I would be willing to trades if for other Bresse or Cream Legbar lines.

If interested please PM me. I would prefer direct pick ups if possible though I can ship if possible and have done so previously.

Thank you for your time and interest.
Hi, I'm interested in one Bresse rooster. I have a Bresse girl who is very lonely and need a Bresse friend : )
Please contact me if you can send one to Detroit.
Hello and good day,

I apologize for the delay in responding as I was a bit busy and away from the forum.

I just PM'd both of you. I still have some Cream Legbar and Bresse chicken pairs as well as individual roosters for sale either local pick up or shipping as I have shipped in the past.

Thank you.

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