NO chicks till June?

I ordered 12 from Ideal Poultry, but you can order as many as you want as long as it totals $25. Just call them when you are done and pay the extra $1.75 so they won't include 'packing peanuts' (male chicks for warmth) They had a lot in stock. I noticed on MPC that they barely had anything in stock too. I've heard they are just the middle man. Best to go right to the source if you are ordering.
I ordered mine from Meyer. Depending on what breed you want they have chicks available as early as next week! I'm not having mine come in until June though anyway because I have to build the coop and I figure that gives me enough time. Good luck!
Don't you have a farm store closer? I don't know where your located... It's "Chick Days" around here, and EVERYONE is all aflutter

Hope you can find some sooner
Hi. I'm in northeastern PA. I do have 2 Tractor Stores here but I'm looking for certain breeds such as austrlorp, dominique, and easter egger. When I called the stores, they were either sold out, didn't have a clue as to which breed they had, or only had 1 breed and not the others. I don't know of what else I can do to get the chicks that I want except the mail order. I'm not too happy about mail ordering the poor little things but I guess that's what I have to do.
Nipper, Meyer is right next door in Polk Ohio, so shipping shouldn't be to bad.
I am in mid Ga and all were alive on arrival. I did ultimatley lose 5, it was covered
in the 48 hr guarantee though.
Good Luck
I, too, tried to order from the hatcheries and the wait would have been a month or so.
I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, the feed store had most of what I wanted anyway (Australorps, EE's, BR's, and RIR's).
I went to a local breeder to pick up some Silkies and d'Uccles.
The only other breeds I wanted were Sussex and Wyandottes.

Next time I will plan WAY AHEAD and order chicks BEFORE the season rush!!

I tried to order the ones I wanted and couldn't get them until May. I wanted them now. I did get other kinds but learned to order early. I did buy from Meyer and was pleased with them

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