NO clue what they are, but they just hatched today 10/2!!!


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I ordered some duck eggs off of Ebay (seller cluck-duck-goose) the beginning of September. When they arrived on the 11th, they included 5 extra CHICKEN eggs!!!
only problem is neither the seller nor I have any clue what they are. I sent her an email and she said they would be mixes and to check her other auction for a list of breeds, I did and these are the options:
Some of the hen breeds are Wyandotte, Ameraucana, Leghorns, Salmon Faverolle, Welsummer, Orpingtons, Black Giant, NH Red, Turken, Barred Rock, etc
(+)plus ...
Some of the rooster breeds: NH Red, Ameraucana, Silver Lakenvelder, Blue Andalusian, Spangled Russian Orloff & we tossed in a Houdan too...

I can say each of the eggs looks to be tiny, not pullet tiny (shape seems off)...almost bantam sized....smaller than my LF chicken eggs, maybe they are just small breed ones?
I welcome any and all guesses as to what they could be. Here is a picture of the mystery eggs, any guesses?
They are the eggs at the top of the photo, with a C written in blue on them. other eggs are the duck eggs.


here is a pic in the turner with the duck eggs and BCM eggs, for size comparison. They are the eggs on the far left.

here is one with (top to bottom) EE, pullet egg, mystery and BCM.

We started with 5, I tossed one after candling on day 14 so there are four left. There are three white eggs and one brown. I'll check them one more time before I lockdown tomorrow. I will take them out of the turner and put them in the hatchery.
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I put all four in lockdown this morning!!

I decided to try hatching in an egg carton this time. I've wanted to to try it to see if I like it or prefer laying them on their sides like i have been. I figured this is the perfect chance to give it a shot. I also traced around the air cell with a pencil so I can see if they end up hatching on the left side (per curiositycat's experiment).
Day 20 for these little mystery chicks. I have been peeping at them and I think i heard at least one peep back last night but I can't be sure as the BCM chicks I hatched last Friday are still right next to them. lol

so right now I'm just watching and waiting. All four were kicking around when I candled before lockdown so we'll see what happens. Haven't seen any rocking but being in the carton I don't think I would.


In the picture above, it is the egg on the far right, next to the thermometer. I must not have put the numbers along in order which is now going to bug me for the next few days!
I like things all orderly.

It pipped lower than I expected (well below the pencil line I drew for the air cell but maybe I was off as I was using a projector!?!?). The pip is around 'back' of the view. I tried to get a pic of it but no luck, too much glare. It's a small pip but a tiny bit of shell is off too. I noticed it about an hour ago and have been over there to check on it probably 10 times already. lol, like it's going to just pop right outta there!

I'll be updating as things happen. We do have a soccer game for DD so won't be back home until probably 7:30 or so. Here's hoping I'll have a chick zipping that I can cheer on tonight!
Not sure if I'm quite that lucky--but hey, I'll take it! LOL. Wasn't even planning on these eggs, they were surprise extras from an order of duck eggs. Duck eggs will be hatching next weekend. My first ducks...SOOO excited.

this is exciting b/c i have absolutely no clue what to expect from these eggs! I will need to go through the list she gave me (in the first post) of possibilities and find out what they could be (based on egg color) and try and guess from there.

are you hatching Welsummers?

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