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  2. We work with our local SPCA and foster many abandoned Roosters. We dont judge, alot of us are forced by noise complaints and not wanting to kill your pet isnt a crime. A loyal bird who runs the yard and protect the girls with his life if needed... Does kinda deserve another chance at life. I dont expect everyone to understand but I know there are others who love their Roosters like us.

    We are so excited for this new invention finally someone who loves roosters designed something simple and humane and most importantly... Effective! Its a new day dawning, quieter rooster a-crowing!

    This was the video that sold us:

    Us Canadian folks gotta get it from:

    mypetchicken doesn't ship up here to the Arctic since the cost of dog sled delivery has gone up.
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  3. Hi ErniesFlock,
    do you really get dog sled delivery or are you pulling my leg? if you are pulling it then...[​IMG]
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  4. This does sound really revolutionary and affordable for people who wish they could have roosters but cannot. Leave it to myPetChicken for the latest and newest cool stuff!
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    Collar the dominant male...hmm mm that's a switch:)
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    I use just a kids sock or Velcro collar for my roosters (pretty close to the no crow). I love it. I've always liked my roosters and their crows more then hens but since I moved into a town, one that doesn't allow chickens to begin with, I have to be careful of noise. I have three roos, they do normal sounds but barely crow if at all. One I think I have to adjust but he is just audible. The second sounds like a dove if he tries(once every few days), and the third doesn't even try crowing. Definitely worth trying if you can't have them crowing their wonderful songs.
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  7. Personally I think its bullshite that someone dog can bark all day and night and zero tolerance for a little crowing. Its perfectly natural to hear roosters. In many parts of Europe like Italy and Malta... But here its breaking the law to own a rooster. For us to know the fulljoy of owning a flock is to observe a mature rooster in his prime running a yard. Keeping everyone together, safe, fed and well there is no other way to put it... Sexed ... Its a big job and burden to carry to be called Rooster... Despite how grumpy pants they might seem at times they will forfeit their own life to keep their hens safe. We seen it first hand our boy Johnson created a diversion from the bear who came on our property to allow our 4 hens to escape the destroyed chicken tractor coop to safety ... Mr Bear Buzz Kill chomped down on Johnson. And took him away and never saw him again. Just have a single feather that was left behind in the bear massive footprint in the driveway. Yes to know the joy of owning a flock is to know the rooster.
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    I agree regarding the dog vs. rooster issue. I love dogs, but have met a lot more obnoxious dogs than i have roosters. And, a hen never makes noise unless she has something intelligent to say.
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    Hello all! I have a rooster (I think, just 3 months old and starting to crow) and I am extremely attached to him. I just put on a little Velcro collar and he's not happy! He was walking backwards and tripping trying to get away from it, but that has stopped and now he's just picking at it. He hasn't tried to crow yet but I'm waiting. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this and been successful, and if they could share the experience??? Do the roosters eventually get used to these collars? Please help. Thank you!!!
  10. Did you look at the link in the first post of this thread? MyPetChicken does give some explanation of the concept and their product. The rooster pictured in the collar looks pretty calm. good luck with your rooster.

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