No green or blue for me.


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Apr 22, 2008
Well, the long wait for our EE to lay is over. She is about 28wks (I think, no calendar in front of me), and we watched her lay her first one today. It wasn't green or blue
, but kind of a tannish/cream color. Oh well, guess that just means I need to get more EEs to get the color I want
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Awww man!! I have my first 2 EE's that should start laying in about a month and I'm really, really, really hoping for green or blueish eggs.

I'm hoping mine do a better job of laying those colors than yours did. Sorry, I will be so incredibly disappointed if I don't get green or bluish.
yea I kinda know how you feel, out of 4 EE's I'm getting 1 olive green egg, 1 cream and 2 light tan. I too was hoping for a blue egg. oh well i'm going to try again next spring and get some chicks from a more reliable source... if I can find one

but I do like the color of my chickens...
i understood that they can lay blue shades, green shades and pink shades. I have 2 laying greenish eggs but one is darker than the other.
My 3 EE's give us 3 different shades of greens. Then with our variety of browns - it makes a pretty carton of eggs!
Definitely get yourself more EE - it makes such a pretty contrast!
Well, I have 2 RIW's and 2 EE's, all about 23 wks and none are laying, so it's a relief to hear that some are getting their first eggs later. the ladies are noisy now and pesky, nipping at me and want to run! They hate being penned most of the day but I have to keep them in most of the day and if I let em out it's only like after 5pm.

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