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    Oct 9, 2008
    These were collected Fri, yesterday and today to ship tomorrow. Finally got the pics to work.

    I have:

    1 set of 6+ bantam EE eggs for $15 shipped. The eggs are a blue/green color with some tending more toward blue and some more green. These are the actual eggs, but I broke one of the pinkish eggs.


    1 sets of 6+ LF EE eggs for $15 shipped. These ladies are in with an EE roo AND a BR roo. We frequently get HUGE eggs from these girls. I have included a pic of an egg we got today. It happens to be a double yolker, but they usually are not. A couple of the eggs are slightly dirty because of the rain today, but not too bad. The group of eggs are the actual eggs, but I broke the dirtier one.


    The HUGE egg:

    2 sets of 6+ mixed brown eggs for $10 shipped -OR- 1 set of 12+ for $16. They are in with an EE roo and a BR roo. The hens are BO, BR, RIR and light Brahma. The hens are all pure, but the eggs are obviously mixed with the possibility of pure BR. This is the whole group of eggs (although I did break a couple of these too) that your 6+ will come from. If you buy the 12 plus, you will get them all (again minus what I broke, will still be well over the 12 mark).


    If you want them post sold (be sure to say which set you want!) then paypal to [email protected]
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