11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
Hi all, I have just (not personally) hatched my first clutch of chucks, six of them. They are 3 weeks old and my thoughts are now as to whether there is a procedure for de-crowing a cockerel? I do not as yet know the sex of the 6 but I would like to keep a cockerel in the group. They are Light Sussex.


2 Methods

1.) Put them on your dinner plates

2.) Take them to the vet to do it. They will charge you $200, but no why bother right? Haha

- Tommy

BTW: I just have to face it with mines : )
De crowing can be done but often the bird does not make it or so I hear... and that is IF you can get someone to do it. It would effectively be like de barking a dog, however, more severe, since their physiology is more connected with the sound making and breathing thing if I remember right.
I have never figured out WHY anyone would want to take away the "voice" of any animal.. I think the crow is what makes the Roo.. so if you don't want the crow get hens..
Most places wont even do it, because it is inhumane. If you dont like roosters crowing, or your neighbors cant handle it, youd probably be better off re homing the little fella. Good luck.
If not yours personally,,, why worry?
My ex's voice annoied me,,,, don't I wish it were as easy to silence as you propose.....

As rude as the rest of my Scotch reletives,,,, I learn to expect nothing less from that island,,,,

BTW,,, July 4th,,,, happy we kicked your a** day!

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