Dec 9, 2019
Holly, Michigan
Hey folks, I had chickens up until October when the unthinkable happened. A weasel raided the coop and killed the four chickens I had left. I previously “repurposed” the roosters and guinea fowl. I’m looking to renew the flock next spring and am modifying/rebuilding the coop and run. Gonna go with Barred Rock, Silver and Gold Laced Wyandottes, and Rhode Island Red - two hens each.
I’ve enjoyed the social aspect of chickens and appreciate their help in the yard during free-range time. Golf and fishing compete for my time, but my preference is being at home. I’ll be retiring (early) next November.
Other than that, I’ve perused this site for some time and finally decided to join (I might have commitment issues!). I’m hoping to be a better dad and protect my girls from the lurking predators in my area of northern Oakland County, Michigan.


Sep 11, 2019
:welcome I’m sorry about the loss. It’s definitely a good idea to modify the coop. The breeds you’ve chosen are definitely nice looking birds, but have you considered Easter Eggers or Ameraucanas? Blue and green eggs are nice looking in the egg basket.
I definitely agree with the EE/Ameraucanas. I had an EE and she was by far the most friendly girl in my flock. If you are looking for good temperment and pretty eggs I would definitely suggest them!

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