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May 20, 2011
I am new to this - just have 3 chicks (so far). We are in Woodland CA and wondering what sort of resources could be around us. Seems like up around Napa there could be some places that carry chicks? Or down south?


Hi sfischer,

There is a Northern California thread in the forum as well as a foothills thread.
You might want to check them both out. And you will find lots of people in your area.
Also in the poultry shows/meet ups find the Gold Country thread. We are having a meet up at Echo feeds on June18th.
There should be lots of chickens available.

What breeds are you looking for?

I have feather-footed bantams and buff & light brahmas if you are interested.
Thanks Diamond. I have 3 1 week old chicks and wanted 1 or 2 more not sure what kind though.

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