NorCal chickens airlifted to East Coast sanctuary

Wow that's awesome! Great to see some people care. Well I've read a few times people in Cal looking for battery Hens their ya go! Bay Area Ten dollars each! Thanks for sharing.
I am just glad that I have my girls in the backyard. They have a nice coop and run and get turned out in the yard to roam. I have butchered roosters from a straight run batch of chicks, but they had a good life up until that day. I have some old hens that I will butcher when the weather cools off, but they too, will be loved and treated well until that day. I can't keep keeping hens that lay 1-2 eggs a week. I have them for eggs and I have younger hens that are just coming into lay. I will not eat a store bought egg.
Greed is what breeds poor animal husbandry. The trapper or hunter is honest because the animal knows what the trapper is going to do and it is a battle of wits. The farmer who understands the importance of health for his/her animals that will eventually be consumed is honest also. They provide the best environment until the day comes to harvest. The person buying meat at the butcher often fails to realize this. They don't have to kill to receive nutrients, they merely buy it. Even the vegan often fails to accept the reality that they are ending life in order to live.

It is the Foster Farms, Tyson, Butterball corporations that do not deserve business, or anyone that sells to them. They have no respect for life and their methods prove that. One can respect life and still take life. I never gained any positive feeling from taking a life. I always tried to be as caring for that living animal. I was taught to make death as quick as possible. I've softened and won't cull hens that are past their prime. They have their own space and range time until they die. What money I make selling eggs or giving them to friends is just appreciation from one of God's creation: the chicken.
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I love what that man did! Wish we had more like him.
In my opinion this is a publicity stunt by an animal rights group. I actually don't think spending $50,000 to move 1000 chickens cross country is a reasonable use of resources.
X2. It would be interesting to see how the chickens are doing in a few weeks or months. I am personally familiar with a case where an animal rights group "rescued" a herd of dairy goats. They got a lot of publicity and, more importantly, donations as a result. However, it wasn't long after the publicity died down that most of the rescued animals were dead. They had served their purpose. They died of starvation and neglect..
Particularly since there are doubtlessly plenty of factory birds that could be "rescued" within a reasonable distance of the destination. $50,000 could buy one heck of a coop and a whole lot of chicken feed!
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Or the hens just could have been slaughtered

the egg industry breeds way too many hens for them to all live long happy lives on green pastures and die naturally of old age. The industry has developed a use for the hens after their production peaks and personally, I'm okay with that.

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