Normal Poo?


Feb 14, 2017
I've been reading so much about chicken diseases like coccidiosis and such that it's making me paranoid. Can someone take a look at these poos and tell me if these are normal? I have three 4 month olds that I raised as chicks and 2 older ones that I brought on 2 weeks ago. I started noticing orange poos and diarhea when the new girls came.

Thanks in advance.

Looks "good" to me....There's a link with pictures of all the different "types" of poop they make. Let me see if I can find it, will edit this when I find it.


Hope this gets you to the right place.....
It's Topic 4/The Chicken Keeper Guide on The Poultry Help Forum. It's been posted on a thread here, maybe in the search box type in Poop Pictures?
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Thanks Nanny for the link. I saw that there was a whitish abnormal poo. Do you think this one looks abnormal like the one in the photo?
Looks like someone maybe drinking too much water? I'm no expert, hoping someone who has MORE experience will peep in soon. Try putting a tablespoon of ACV (with the Mother; Bragg) in a gallon of their water, change regularly. Helps with digestive issues, I start my chicks from day one with it and ferment my food.

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