Not Chicken but I need to SCREAM!!!!!! It's long *UPDATE*

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    Can I just start by saying present company excluded. I HATE PEOPLE! WHY ARE PEOPLE SO FREAKING IGNORANT! I have a pottery studio (you know the kind you go and paint and then pick up later). When each customer leaves they are given a yellow ticket with an itemized list including descriptions of all of the pottery painted. Now customers are required to bring the yellow ticket back to pick up (to insure that the right pieces go home with the right customer). So I have a very sweet lady come in today WITH HER YELLOW TICKET to pick up. We get all of her pottery except 2 cat figurines. We looked everywhere and we can not find them. SO I start calling employees to find them. I discover that another woman came in to pick up a lot of pieces and did not have her yellow ticket. She was told that we are not supposed to give anything out without one but she INSISTED that she knew what all of her pieces looked like. In her ramblings of what she did she stated that she had 2 cats, one black and one striped. My employee remembers seeing them on the shelf and gets them for her. She inspects the cats and states that she is certain that they are hers. So I dig out the womans ticket and find that not only did she not paint 2 cats but the 1 she did paint is orange with blue eyes! So I call her and I guess I was not that pleasant but you have to understand that 90% of the dumb a*&es who come into this store never bring the tickets back, some do not even know what I am talking about! So she proceeds to tell me that my employees just magically remembered what she painted and got everything for her so it is not her fault but ours and I should go over the company policies with them. I do not believe one word out of the liers mouth! I trust my employees, they have no reason to lie to me. And if this did not happen often I would have been more understanding, for example: A grandmother came in, once again no ticket and goes into my back room where everything is kept proceeds to choose 6 pieces that she swears are hers. My employee says that she is not going to let this woman take anything until she calls her daughter (who she is picking up for) and verifies everything. the grandmother calls and get this, the daughter has already picked everything up. She was so sure that she had the right pieces! What the Hell, I mean I do not pretend to have the best memory but I would never choose 6 random pieces and claim they are mine! So back to the thief who took the cats. She is mad at me! and asked to speak to the manager (Oh it felt so good to say "You are speaking to the manager") is that some crap or what! I did not apologize and told her to bring them back. So I told all of my staff no ticket no pottery. I do not care how ticked off they get because if you do not have the sense God gave you to put a little yellow piece of paper in your purse or wallet I do not want you as a customer!

    Thanks for listening

    If there are any misspellings Sorry. I do not feel like checking it.

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    Sadly, humans (on average) have a lot of evolving to do. Until then, in order to preserve your sanity, is there a way to put the person's name with the pieces somehow? And then if they can't produce the right name then they will have to be clay-less as well as clueless. Good luck - I find chocolate helps [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Poor Adam! I know, I know, some people are just too stupid to live. My solution to those stupid people? Look below....

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    Yes I covered that. I told all of my employees that if the customer does not put the name on the piece then we will write the last name on the ticket on everything. So it will help. thanks for the suggestion.
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    Quote:I needed that! Thanks you put a big smile on my face. [​IMG]
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    My Favorite Jeff Foxworthy statement sez "You just cain't fix stupid!"
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    wow I guess in desprate casses SSS could be imploid
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    God must really love stupid people, he sure made alot of them.
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    *UPDATE* The woman just came in to drop off the pieces and said that it is our fault, She can not be expected to remember what her kids painted! Are you kidding me. I wonder if she cannot be expected to remember what school to pick up her kids at either? Stupid witch!
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    Quote:I was at school until 6:30 last night because of two students not picked up. Mom thought dad got them, he thought she got them, they were both at home on top of it and just did not realize thier 1st and 3rd graders weren't there? Of course these are the kind of people who blame the teacher when the kid refuses to do work, brings no homework back, mouths off in class, torments others, and fails. These are the parents who call the main office in the district and complain because the kid got F's on all subjects but they wouldn't come see me or answer the phone, or return calls!
    I can completely empathize you on your stupid person there!

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