Not so Free Free Puppy {added pictures}


12 Years
Mar 31, 2008
Gloucester, VA
Someone came here to get a turkey and she had just been to a poultry sale. Someone at the sale was giving puppies away and there was 1 left and she took it to rehome. Well he was in a crate for the turkey so she took him out for my husband to hold while she found a box for the pup, well long story short my husband didn't give him back. Anyways, he is supposed to be a 10 week old pointer and was thin and had diarreah. So to the vet. He was 8 pounds had round and hook worms and coccida. Gave his 4 meds and today 3 weeks later he weighs 14 pounds 11 oz (no more diarreah) but has tape worms and still had coccidia and an ear infection (yeast). So got 2 things for his ears, more wormer and pills for coccidia, Heartguard, and Advantix. Good thing he is a very sweet little free pup!

This is Dude.



Waiting for treats with our other guys, Zuma (doxi-pin), Bob (jack russell) and Dude in the back

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Yeah it is funny how nothing free is ever truly free. We got two pit pups from a rescue and they ended up both of coccidia and kennel cough, that was fun! I wanna see pictures of this little guy.

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