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Jun 11, 2020
@RoostersAreAwesome gives you some really good tips to look for to distinguish bantams.

It is difficult to know what you have or how to narrow the field when you aren't sure where to start.

I start with ears. There are many starting points for people. Feet and legs are another major detail. 😉

What color are this one's ears?
Dutch bantams have nice white, (Iridescent sheen) ears.
Japanese bantams, red.
Blue ears are a really good tell for silkie bantams.
As get familiar with how to tell them apart, you'll also (by default) learn what goes to which breed.

They look kind of red, to me, but this photo isn't as clear about this detail.

I would start with Japanese bantams in your case.
Compare that breed profile to your bird. Rule them in or out, go on to the next or confirm they have breed standards.

(We won't breach the barnyard mixes or random mixes as that really gets into the weeds of chickie genetics 😆 -- which some people on here are pro's-- not me! 😂)

Very pretty bird.

Hello, she is a bantam and I live in southern California. Please tell me her breed


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Aug 6, 2020
I just picked up 4 new chickens From Meyers Hatchery. I’ll post photos. I would love your opinion about breed and gender. They are supposed to be 16 weeks old.


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May 21, 2017
Wyandotte or wyandotte mix
What breed are these?
Do you have pictures?
Those pictures are not the greatest. You can't really see the back and neck. She has black feathers on her neck, black on a lot of the feathers on her back, and she has black tail feathers.
RIRs are supposed to have black tail feathers. The other black is leakage, which is common with hatchery birds.
Here are the feathers of a bantam RIR from a hatchery:

She has 2 black star hens, and a saphire gem. Her roosters well... She has had alot of them. But the only one with head plumage was a golden laced polish.
I’m going to say that they’re mixes of mixes with some silkie in them (unless your friend has an Ayam cemani) and probably with some polish in them, too.
Got him from a friend, he’s a mix of some sort
Does he have extra points on his comb?

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