Not sure what breed these are


May 4, 2015
My fiance picked up some pullets from Tractor supple 4 weeks ago. I haven't legitimately had chickens for many years, so I'm a bit off when it comes to breed. I currently have a 8 week old golden laced wyandotte in the coop and then six 4 week old chicks in the house in a modified dog kennel. One is a pullet black copper maran, one is an easter egger that Im still not sure of the sex, and the others are all pullets, but no idea what the breed is. I hope the pics help. They look like they are all the same breed to me, but I may be wrong.

Two of these have a lot of white and the other two have more red.
Looks like you have some Red Sex Link pullets on your hand - commonly sold as ISA Brown, Lohmann Brown, Red Star, Cinnamon Queen, Golden Comet, etc.
I'm pretty new to all the chicken stuff and im wondering what gender and breed this is? Any help is appreciated!

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