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    Just what is NPIP testing ? what are they testing for ? My State tests for 2 things, 1 is a form of Avain bird flu, what is the other they usually test for ?
    slipped my mind to ask.
    The lady said they can test for other things but it's $5 a test for each bird bird. I am assuming they test for Mericks .
    I am just having the usuall NPIP testing done
  2. NPIP tests for 5 things: avian influenza (AI), pullorum, typhoid, salmonella, and mycoplasma.
    Legally, if you ship birds or eggs, you are supposed to be NPIP certified, but no one checks.
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    Thanks for the information. I wonderdered about the NPIP on bought hatching eggs.
    Well i asked the vet (granted hes new.).can i get them tested .He said only with a necropsy. I am not willing to kill one of my hens for it.
    I dont intend to sell eggs so thats no problem
    Most worried about my family especially my step father is 83 and eat s 6 eggs a day(just the whites)Dont know how well he cooks them. Old ppl dont always do what they should...heck i dont!!
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    Mar 30, 2012
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    Dang sorry ...wrong thread..
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    Each state is different. I know this thread is old but I stumbled upon it while researching NPIP certification. Here in NY state they only test for Pullorum-Typhoid. We can have our birds tested for avian influenza to become AI Certified as well if we want, but it's not a requirement to become NPIP certified.
  6. Does any body know what they check for in SC?
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