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    The problem with telling the kids that their unwanted food goes toward animals, is that they will then go out of their way NOT to eat the healthy food, and give it to the critters! Last year my mom, who works at the schools here, started collecting the apples and veggies that the students were throwing away. Once they figured out that she was collecting these unwanted, thrown away apples for my chickens, the kids that normally ate their apples an veggies started giving them up just FOR the chickens! We definitely didn't want to encourage the kids to get rid of their healthy food, so my mom started collecting trashed food more subtly!
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    I know when my son hatched chicks in preschool I believe she brought the them home with her on the weekends. There were only a handful that they hatched, MAYBE 10 at the most. In Kindergarten they had about double the amount and I believe the teacher came back to school to care for them after they hatched. As far as while they were in the incubator I can't say for sure. I just remember there being a lot of chicks! But yes good point to bring up to anyone asking a teacher...
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    Iv'e never worked with them. Sorry,
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    Horsekeeper--Sorry I haven't had any experience with LF cornish. Would like to though.

    This week has been hectic. My oldest had to see a pediatric dentist and she is going to have to be knocked out to have her teeth fixed. And since the doc isn't a participating doc for my insurance we have to wait for the preapprovals. She has an infected tooth and hasn't been sleeping good plus pain when eating. I'm very tired and I just found out that I'm going to have baby number 3. Both my girls are coming down with a croupy sounding cough.

    We're setting our first hatch of the year tomorrow in the Hovabator. A mix of breeds we have here at the house. Golden cuckoo marans, BLRW, EE, OE, Del, and Buckeye. Now that I've been collecting eggs and the weather had been cold I've only gotten 2 eggs from the buckeyes this week.
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    I hope it's a healthy boy . [​IMG] Of course I hope all goes well. When are you due?

    And don't worry I'm sure the girls will be fine. If you can get the one with the tooth to rinse with some warm water and peroxide it will help til she sees the dentist. My SIL has a bad tooth and for whatever reason won't go to a dentist. They don't have insurance but still the man has to work.

    Take care,
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    I'm guestimating that I'll be due the first week in october. I've been running around for Fiona and didn't take the time to call the doctor for me. I'll have to call on Monday.
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    CONGRATULATIONS, Tab, on what will be the newest addition to your "human flock." [​IMG]

    Get on your prenatals -- might help with your tiredness, but as you know is great for Baby.

    Hope your little girls feel better all across the board. Did you try a little Orajel for the tooth pain?

    Good luck with the incubation, too!

    Lots going on at Tab's house!!!

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    Congrats Tab and Trav from Matt and Jen! Hoping for that boy, but health above all.
    I had an infected wisdom tooth in college, no fun at all. Hope all goes well for her.
    In the mail I received American Baby magazine again. January was 9th month, February was One-month-old. And then this week I recieved a free gift from Similac, a newborn starter kit. Did I miss something?

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