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    Jan 3, 2013
    Hi Marquisella ...

    Thanks for the clarification and for the reassurance that chickens will do what chickens will do and (most of the time) it doesn't kill them! My horse has me scratching my head many times, too, when I see him doing something (often) grossly unsanitary and (occasionally) downright dumb and dangerous!

    I suppose recently completing the hair-raising chapter on chicken ailments, injuries and illnesses just fed my anxiousness!

  2. Tough Old Bird

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    Jan 3, 2013
    Many thanks, Rancher. I apparently misunderstood the usage for Eprinex! Good thing I checked before I start to sling it all over a coop floor.[​IMG]

    Marquisella was also kind enough to correct me without making me feel like a complete moron. Thanks to you two for patiently patting me on the head and keeping me on the right path, in my toddler-like state of befuddlement.

    You just crack me up with your one-liners and funnies. By the way, on the Eprinex package, I realize now the artwork is a cow's head, but at first I thought it was giant ovaries and had trouble making the connection with that and wormer. See what you're dealing with??

    By the way, coop location is pretty much finalized. It is fairly close to my house, which will make sourcing electric easier, plus trekking out in inclement weather. Perhaps the locale will also be great incentive to keep it as clean and fragrance-free as possible. This spot is not soggy like the one we were going to go with.

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    Mar 26, 2012
    Woodstock, CT
    Hi all,
    Been busy this weekend but have been skimming...

    Tab - congrats on baby number 3! Prayers for an easy pregnancy and healthy bundle of joy!

    Welcome to any and all newbies!!

    Adora - I'm PM'ing you soon to talk silkies.

    Haven't been in the mood to be too chatty. I've been a big stress ball and this weather isn't helping! Can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive so I can get outside to plant and the flock can get outside free range.
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    Sep 20, 2010
    West Lebanon, NY
    Welcome HSC!!!!!
  5. vmdanielsen

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    Sep 20, 2010
    West Lebanon, NY
    Hello Annie!!! No more chanteclers?
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    Not sure yet. I am planning on having them disbudded and the boys wethered. So, depending on the cost of that stuff and vaccinations will let me know how much I need to get for them. Totally friendly and affectionate does and the buck. Bunch of sweeties!
    No, but I do know where you can get some chicks or eggs when they get off winter strike.
  7. Henicillin

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    Apr 12, 2011
    East Nassau, NY
    Sweet. I've wanted to get a couple strictly as pets, and I know you'll have top-quality babies. [​IMG]
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    Apr 19, 2012
    Jordan New York
    Welcome Angela , What kind do you have now ? Deborah
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    Apr 13, 2010
    Morning all! Balmy 11 degrees this morning while I was out busting ice out of black tubs to refill with water. Had a dusting of snow last night as well. Of course this was cause for concern by the fowl this morning. After a few tenative steps down the ramp, we could get under the coops without touching the evil stuff so we didnt yell at chicken momma too much this morning. My little silkie boys were very vocal this morning. They went quiet when they heard me coming though. Thats what I like about them. They always quiet right down as soon as they hear me coming and saying good morning to them. I just need to find them a good home with their own girls now!

    Guess I will actually have to go to the grocery store today as the fridge is empty. Amazing how little one person can get by on! Dh will be returning from the south tomorrow so I will have to feed him once again when he gets back. I can live on cereal and soup but he likes his meat and veges! Have to get some greens for the cheeps anyways along with anything on the clearance rack in the fruit and vege section that they might like. Keeps them happy and healthy.

    Welcome to the thread Angela. Lots of good folks on here.

    Rancher--those br laying yet? Only 2 of my 3 year old hens are laying right now. There are 5 in the terrorist coup but I think only a couple of them are laying as well. I have to say my rir and red sexlinks are giving me almost 14 a day without supplemental lighting. I will probably cull my 3 year olds this spring and hatch out new stock. Might keep elanor, my glw hen, as a broody if she proves a good one this spring. She has always gone broody and sat for the whole time on nothing each year and she has a great disposition. Going to try her this year on some eggs. At 3, she is an old lady but if she is a good broody, I will keep her just for that.

    Have a good day all!
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    Feb 28, 2009
    Syracuse, NY
    [​IMG] to HSCMorgans. I'm in a funk so I'll be reserved right now.

    Freezing out this am. Up at 7 which is unusual.

    No Pharm the BR's and SLW's are not laying and I'm frustrated for sure. Everyone else is doing great. I would say it's them but can't be sure. They're eating and pooping and everything seems fine. Could be the cold but then the BM's and the Sussex are laying. In fact I'm concerned the Sussex is broody. No heat nor light and there they are laying away like it's no bodies business.

    I've put a light in the BR run and left the door open so they could come out if they like. It's only been a few of days though. In fact I left the light on 24/7 the last two days. Their coop is warmer than the other too. No heater in the water and sometimes it not completely frozen. God only knows.

    I know the SLW line was not great. Others who had them complained of fertility. This is why I say you've got to watch these fancy shmancy show birds. The person I got them from paid $150 for the trio. Breaks my heart cuz they're a good friend. Of course they did hatch these so there may be hope. I don't have rooster though but they are pretty.

    Well you know what I say, "Fish gotta swim, bird gotta fly, hen gotta lay or she gonna die, can't help lovin those chickens of mine."

    Take care folks, stay healthy.


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