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    Green Mountain Feeds makes a feed w/o soy. It is new. I would copy and paste their site but I can't. They are a vermont based grainery. It is as local as I am going to get.

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    This is what I am really afraid of! I want ducks soo bad!! If I went there I'd probably cave on those alone! But again I can't do 6, I'd only want to start off with 2-3.
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    Apr 13, 2010
    Morning all! Sunny here and I am hoping for the big warmup they are calling for today to continue melting our snow. I left the waterers in the silkie coops last night and they didnt freeze at all so maybe, just maybe I wont have to keep dragging them in any more. Cheeps were anxious to get out this morning. I think they were just happy its warmer and sunny and this crap is melting. I will make dh let them out this afternoon as I have to work till 6.

    To answer Rancher and Gramma---I feed Poulan feed to the cheeps. I dont think organic would help any. There are naturally occuring sulfites in eggs including the whites. My problem is larger than just eggs. No lunch meats, bacon, sausage, wine, beer, hotdogs, processed meats of any kind, shampoos, soaps, etc. Sulfates and sulfites are in a lot of stuff so I am a consumate label reader. I am hoping that by avoiding these things for a few months or a year, perhaps this will change. Gluten is also out. It seems that all this progressed rather rapidly after I had my gall bladder out but I have yet to find any real connection. I have also had to give up most red meat as well. Only venison or very lean steak sits okay. My own chicken is good. I have progressed back to a more natural diet of fruits, veges, rice and lean meat. I have liquid benedryl stashed everywhere, along with epi pens. As long as I am careful, its all good.

    My two broody girls are sitting tight on their eggs. I did not try to put my hand under them this morning as they were growly but I did pet them despite their protestations. I may try to slip a couple of chicks under them from the ones I am hatching in the bator since they started sitting a few days after I threw the eggs in the bator.

    Everyone enjoy the nice weather for me. I will be stuck inside serving the public all afternoon. Heres hoping only the nice people are out today!
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    Oct 15, 2010
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    Just out of curiosity, have you tried duck eggs? Sometimes, people who are allergic to chicken eggs aren't allergic to duck eggs. Strange but true.

    On the topic of eggs, how are everyone's birds laying? Mine were doing great up until last week, at which point they ALL decided to stop except one Easter Egger who's doing about two eggs a week.
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    Good morning all! I hope you're enjoying the nice weather!
    The chickens and dogs are getting spring fever. I've been letting the dogs in and out all morning...silly things want to be outside but they also want to be in knowing what we're doing. My Border Collie mix is barking up a storm (good thing we don't have any neighbors).
    I have to catch a flight to DC this afternoon so I don't really want to let the chickens out when nobody is going to be home for awhile :( I feel so guilty keeping them locked up right now.

    I am getting spring fever as well, I can't wait for my chicks to get here in another couple of weeks. I'm also thinking I'm going to set up the incubator...this is going to be an interesting spring haha
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    Jan 30, 2009

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    Could yours be going into molt?
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    Sue, does that mean you keep the humidity between 30-40% then increase it to 55-65% during lockdown? Got a hatch going right now in a new 1588 and that's what I've been doing, but I do sincerely value your advice...especially since I have a few of Rancher's marans in here along with MJ's silkies! Yes Rancher, break out the tinfoil hats, but if you saw MJ's silkies..you wouldn't be able to resist either! LOL Speaking of silkies..I saw yours too Sue...hmmm....:)
  10. Pyxis

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    That's an idea...I haven't seen feathers around but they didn't molt earlier so maybe they're doing it late. I'll have to look for excessive amounts of feathers now.

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