Obese Hen


6 Years
Mar 2, 2017
Hi All,
I have 8 laying hens and 11 more pullers...One of my two Silver Laced Wyandotte’s has become large. Her feet are wide apart under her heavily sagging abdomen, her back is wide, and her neck thick looking, and even throw she can free range over vast acreage, she sits or waddles - she stopped laying. All other hens, the Orpingtons, Ameracaunas etc move about freely and look fine laying well. I read that hens can die of fatty liver - hemorrhaging to death. Trying to prevent this, so I put her in fenced area where she can commune with others through fence but I can measure/weigh her food and know she’s only one with access to it.
any ideas out there on how to get her back to healthy weight? She’s only been fenced a few days.

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