Odd growth on turkey eye


7 Years
May 21, 2012
I just bought three adolescent rio grande turkeys, all of them looked great initially. Once I got home I realized that one of them had a growth on his eye, does anyone recognize this as any kind of problem?

Thanks for linking to shots. Still, very difficult to determine from angle/lighting `what' might be going on. When it is sleeping, does this `growth' keep edges of eye lids from touching? A straight on (lateral of L side of head) shot would be helpful. Best guess, (no other symptoms) injury to eye/more unlikely - parasite.
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I will get some more pictures tomorrow as well as a spot I noticed on one of the other turkeys that appeared similar. Thank you so much for looking at them.

Here is an updated gallery. The second pic (sorry its upside down) shows my other tom, if you look on top of his head and forward a bit there seems to be a similar growth to the one in the other tom's eye. Also, the tom with the eye problem now appears to have some soapy poop.

I am new to turkeys, this is my first batch, so please forgive me if I am missing something obvious. I went through all my disease/disorder matrices and didn't see anything similar to this, nor is it anything ive dealt with in my chickens. Could it be a fighting wound that is just healing odd?

It appears scabbed over, but looks like it is increasing in size. Outside of the poop and the growth, they appear extremely healthy. Only one is having the soapy poop, possibly growth on one other (two total), but the hen and the two chicks look just fine. All are eating and drinking normally, making plenty of noise and being active.
If you are seeing red bumps on another one, it looks like the start of Fowl pox to me. Turkeys head and neck are often where it shows. DaB the wounds with iodine, being careful not to get any in it's eye. If the poults starts to have trouble breathing, it will have turned into wet pox and it would need to be put on a antibiotic like Tylan. It is carried by Mosquitos. I would keep them away from any others in a covered cage until it passes, as scabs eaten by others will pass the illness. If it stays reg pox then in a week or two it will pass. Just watch they eye... Maybe put some neosporine on it to keep out infection.

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