Oddly lethargic hen, feet seem to be bothering her a lot.


Jul 28, 2019
Midwest, USA
I noticed something off about one of my hens this morning when she was super hesitant to go out of the coop. Eventually she did go out after 4 minutes of just standing there and staring, and ate and drank and did her mostly normal morning routine. One of my other hens was being super aggressive to her this morning, which is definitely not normal either. I checked her over and the only symptoms i could find are that her feet were super worn down on the bottom of her feet, that was it. I have to leave for a 2-3 day trip in 7 hours and im super nervous about this. She is 2 years old.
I think its definitely something up with her feet. When i checked them again, they were a bit red on the bottom. She also keeps standing on this cement block i have in their run, and shes not lethargic. She just doesnt want to move- shes not sleepy at all and will run if you try to pick her up.
What is the weather like where you are?
My guess is that her feet are getting burned when she stands on the cement.
It's very uncomfortable and painful
That might be the case as its very hot where u am right now but that cement block is the only cement thing in the run. Her run is all dirt and i let them out to free range around the yard in the grass and mulch for a couple of hours a day.
Pictures of the feet and bottoms of feet? Perhaps you need to put some bedding or sand inside your coop. Chickens can get dermatitis and skin breakdown from wet mud or soiled bedding. This can lead to infection and bumblefoot.
That was the best picture i was able to get of one of her feet before she clawed the heck out of me 😅


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