OEGB genetic question


10 Years
Nov 12, 2009
I have BB Reds and I was wondering if any of you could give me a list of what verity chicks I would get from breeding my cock birds to different verity hens? Thanks.
Wow that was alot of info, thanks. So if I'm reading it correct a bared hen would produce crele, a mottled hen spangled,and a white hen red pyle. If thats right where do I find the silver gene for silver duckwing and the dark brown for ginger red? are any of these sex link? will the colors be of quality in the first generation? assuming the parents color is of quality. Am I way off in my understanding of this? Thank You.
it's not that easy... to produce a good quality crele it takes years to get the color right... i breed self blue's and mille fleurs... but i'm also doing a project to get some porcelains... i also want to get some blue mille fleurs in the mix too... but i don't know if i should take on the task since it's a lot of work...

use this to figure some out...


i spent days on that thing when i first found it... LOL...

if you're just adding pure bred hens to a different pure bred rooster, you're just making pet quality chickens out of it and that's about it... they don't always look like whatever you want... well, not at first...
Thanks that's kinda what I was thinking. I currently have three trios of show quality BB reds and was wanting some red pyles, crele and ginger red. but I didn't want to get anymore cocks right now. So I don't know maybe I'll just get rid of some of what I have and buy some creles and ginger reds. or maybe I'll just give it a shot and see what happens. I tried to use that calculator thing, but I'm apparently not smart enough to do that.
Since I am only into this hobby for 2 yrs and I am still learning as I go, that's why I did not want to give you false information in my earlier post. But the basic is most color varieties are created by crossing 2 difference varieties and through selective breeding the standard coloration can be achive. Most of the old cockers will tell you to breed for type first then color later. To start from scratch, you are going to need a lot of rooms and time to get it right. If you have both, give it a shot and remember to buy the oegb color standard book so know what to look for in the project. Good luck and have fun on which ever direction you decide to go with.

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