Ended Official BYC Contest - Post your best (worst) chicken molt pics!


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Here are our mealworm deserving winners! (Talking about the chickens now ;) )

First of the Frizzles

Congratulations to...

1st place - @PetraMarco

Frizzle, I felt so sorry for this one, but she is just happy chick.
2nd place - @robhuncor

Frizzle category:
This is "Crazy-Black-Hen" (to distinguish her from "Beautiful Black Hen"). This is the best she's looked this whole summer! Poor thing has been mostly pink for months. View attachment 1541610
All other breeds

Congratulations to...

1st place - @MarySue

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This is Latte’ on 10/16/18
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This was Latte’ by 10/18/18 (although pics were taken on Saturday). She looks like she is doing an imitation of a Thanksgiving turkey. Someone else mentioned that photos just can’t capture the entirety of their nakedness.
This is for all other breeds.

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Latte’ currently preparing to dress for Halloween as a porcupine.
2nd place - @pipdzipdnreadytogo

Okay, I'm finally getting around to entering this! :D For the 'All Other Breeds' category, my poor Tessa is an absolute mess at the moment. Her sister had such a typical molt, looking a bit rough but not too bad otherwise. Tessa, on the other hand...

Editing because I have better pictures now. I hope that's okay!

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Poor thing was trying to sun bathe. Her pins must be really sensitive, because she'd go down and then hop right back up after just a few seconds. :hmm

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Thanks everyone for your wonderful entries!
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