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I like all LGD breeds, but I have to admit that I have soft spot for the great pyrenees. I have one crossed and a purebred who I have high hopes for in the future as a brood gyp (has to clear hips and elbows). I also just acquired a 7 week old pup that if he turns out will be my girl's mate.

How cute is this?


I really want to improve the GP as a breed. I love the french type BUT I want proven LGD's as well as excellent conformation, the whole package and that's what I will be working towards when I breed my dogs. Performance and working temperament first but conformation has to be sound and solid.
We used to have a Central Asian Ovcharka - HUGE guy named Zorro. Sorry I don't have any photos of him - It was about 10 years ago, and we didn't have cameras always available back then. Loved him though. Don't remember why we ended up not having him.
I've been researching LGD in the hopes of purchasing one in the future. I'm leaning toward the Great Pyrenees.

I really think the CMD is gorgeous and a fantastic guardian, but I'm concerned about the balance of protection and temperament. National Geographic did a segment on them and it's clear that it requires a specific type of owner to work well with this type of dog.

I believe that guy doesn't understand how to handle even a mildly aggressive dog, much less than one like that. I'm surprised the breeder would let the dog go to a suburban home like that. That type of dog is much better suited to wide open spaces and less human traffic. I encourage anybody considering this breed to really study up on it and ensure they are really capable of handling that kind of dog well. You will not be able to have people over unless you are meticulous about socializing the dog with friends and neighbors. It can be very isolating to have a dog like that.
The thing that puts me off the CMD is that to me they seem uncontrollably aggressive. It's like they can't help be like that. I like a dog with a potent, booming bark, that will raise its hackles and harass and mock charge. I do want the aggression to escalate to physical engagement AS A LAST RESORT AND ONLY WHEN THE LIVESTOCK IS UNDER IMMINENT PHYSICAL ATTACK! And the attack should have the purpose of driving back the intruder. It should stop as soon as the intruder runs off. Especially with 2 legged predators. For coyotes and other four legged predators they should engage as soon as they cross the territory boundaries. To me the ultimate LGD is the one that will keep everyone, the livestock, the predator and of course, itself, safe. I feel (and I cannot stress enough the word "feel" because I know very little about CMDs) the CMD will attack first and bark out of frustration when it sees it cannot reach its target.
Grillo, that's a lovely dog. If properly trained and socialized, LGDs are a blast to own. Training and socialiazing a CMD are no different than the Great Pyrenees. Because the CMD is so big and powerful, any cute puppy behaviors should be nipped as soon as you see it. I haven't had no issues with any of my big dogs. Keep the cute pictures coming.
My favorite -- Sarplaninac.


This is our boy, Ivan, at about 13mo.

The Sarplaninac is similar in size and temperament to the CMD, but...well...not quite as "switched on." An easier dog to handle, but still a handful. Like "CMD Lite."

I've been the stranger in the field with Pyrs before, and they hardly pay you any attention. Our LGD, on the other hand, will meet you at the gate...but he's glad the gate is there, and wants nothing more than for you to turn and walk away. If you were to come after him, he'd come right back, but he's not looking for a fight like I've heard the CMD described. He just wants peace and quiet.

As far as I'm concerned...Ivan's the best LGD in the world. Ever.

We're most likely getting a 4mo old 75% Pyr/25% Sarplaninac female this weekend. Soooo...if all goes well, we could have 62.5% Sarplaninac 37.5% Pyr puppies in like....two years?


A long way out, sure, and anything could happen.. But hey, what's life without a little anticipation?!
Hey Bear Foot...are Maremmas 'bonded' type dogs like GPs that move as part of the herd, or do they just sorta hang out wherever and watch/listen for something happen?

They look so much like a Pyr, but I don't wanna take anything from that which isn't necessarily so.. Our LGD, for instance...he doesn't move in the herd. They may be way up on the hill and he may be way down by the barn, laying in the shade...but if something goes wrong or sounds amiss where the goats are, he's off like a shot to investigate.

Oddly enough, if something goes wrong down where he is (a strange car pulls in the driveway, for instance) and he starts barking, all the goats freak out and run to him.

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