oh boy.. I went to Southern States today...


12 Years
Dec 14, 2007
Masontown, WV
I went to southern states today and bought 16 peeps. 4 rir, 4 buffs, 4 Blk Australorps ( all pullets) and 4 EE's! I came home got them settled in and guess what?!?!
My husband came home and suprised me with 6 cochin st. run peeps, 2 blk pullets which are either blk stars or blk jiants and 2 more rir's!!! I really must have been a good girl huh!!!!
On top of all of this excitement I also have had 3 hatchlings this past week from my own chickens 1 in which is an orphin. I am so happy that I had a few of my own eggs hatch. I would like to thank everyone who offered me advise. I really appriciated it and again thank you!

Oh... 1 more thing as soon as I figure out how to get pics on here I will display my new additions to the family.

I didn't know SS was getting in chickies...ut ohhhh, I may have to make a trip into town just to look

My TSC didn't get any in..........

You really did good....
Southern States recieved theirs yesterday for the first time. I would call the one up your way just to see but the one here ( Sabraton, WV) will be getting more shippments !!!!!!! I am sooooo excited.
I was amazed that they had as much to choose from and that all but the cochins and bantams were sexed. If you buy a bunch you get a discount. I bought 16 and got mine for 2.06. I thought I did good too. Thank you. they even have malards and muscovies.

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