OH JOY! what a hatching day!


10 Years
Apr 12, 2009
Morgantown, Ky
I had some phoenix hatching and we had been gone all day this past Sunday. When we got home, I pulled the hatching tray out in our cabinet bator to check on the few that still hadn't hatched and was suprized to find a few babies sittin ON TOP of the hatching tray. I was shocked to see any loose birds as I didn't have any due to hatch until Tuesday. I recognized the one little lavendar one immediately as being a guinea due to the stripes on its head. Then this larger solid yellow chick with funny feet and a funny beak sat there looking up at me. I wondered what on earth this crazy looking monster chick was. I then noticed another guinea sitting on top of the the eggs in the second rack. I slid the tray out and all 6 guinea eggs were empty and several of the guineas were sittin on top of the eggs. I also discovered where the mysterious looking chick came from, it was a turkey. I had never hatched any guineas or turkeys and all 6 guinea hatched and 4 of my 5 turkey hatched. WHOO HOO!!!!!!!
you've had a bang em up hatching day haven't you.... congrats..... Oh & pictures...

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