oh nifftyness, your greatness, cookbook vol II?


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May 22, 2009
North Central Florida
Any plans for this? I know you all have the byc recipe index, but I have to turn on the computer a lot to find what I need.
In a perfect world, I would have a computer in the kitchen, always logged on to BYC. But, I would not get anything done.
So, I need another book with all the jam/jelly/ pickle recipies.
...and, I have to print everything out to get the recipe into the kitchen.
So, if you all print it -then I will save millions in ink and paper costs and kitchen moisture wouldn't dissovle the ink before I was done making the recipe.
There are just a feed bucket full of reasons why you all should do this. Think of all the new members who would require one.
Even if you just made a dollar profit on each book, and only half the member bought one... that's not chicken feed.

nuts. spell check stopped working as soon as I direct an inquiry to niffty.

let's just blame my inability to spell on the hot pepper fumes, okay?
As long as the seed has been planted, I will wait for germination.
Meanwhile, we can keep stocking the BYC recipe index so it will be easy to transfer to a book form.
But, really, I need the book form. Even if it just comes from the canning and baking threads, that would be great.

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