Oh no! I found a dead baby chick


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Nov 14, 2008
Central Texas
I went out to the coop just now and found a chick that was born this morning..... dead. It looked like maybe the other hens had pecked it to death. Now I am worried. The other six are doing good, but they are 3 & 4 days old. Do you think that this new one couldn't keep up with the others and just got left behind. I still have seven eggs to go before they are all hatched. Do I need to take them away from their momma so she can focus on the other eggs or should I remove the eggs and be happy with what I've got?
I always take them & put them in a brooder away from the others so mom hen can just focus on hatching the eggs and the chicks are safe. (Some people think that's mean.) But I would at least give the eggs that are left a chance to hatch.......
So sorry for your loss. I agree with the other post.

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