OH NO!! it's for sure a Prolapsed Vent!


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10 Years
Oct 11, 2009
i just discovered the 'blowout' oh man, that was an eye opener... wifey is in tears.
we're bringing her to the vet as the attempt to 'tuck her back it' was unsuccessful...
what are here chances?
anyone have a chicken pull through something like this?
I dont have any experience in this area but wanted to check in and see how you made out with the vet.

I am sure that he/she was able to give you all the info that you needed on 'post-procedure care'.

Hope you will share your new found knowledge with others as this happens to lots of folks.
I hope shes okay , god bless
Thanks guys, the vet took good care of her & gave her a few stitches....as far as we can tell she's doing fine... & even layed another egg!

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