Oh, no! Not the funny-looking "cat"!!!!!!


9 Years
Dec 13, 2010
Okay, so I'm destined to never again get to bed before midnight! Tonight, I almost made it ... planned the trip into town for supplies early, made a crock pot dinner, fed all the critters early, and even covered up the t.v. to send the message "uh uh". So my dh and I were sitting in our easy chairs waiting for our dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Jack Russel Terrier, to finish their evening potty break, then we were going to turn in ... at about 9 p.m. ... YEAH! Then I hear the JRT start barking ... no big, he's a spaz that barks at fluttering leaves. But then the Golden sounds off. DH and I look at each other and he gets up to check for trouble ... trouble was faster ... the smell hit us through the open window like a miasmic deluge from hell's deepest swamp. SKUNK.

So for the last couple of hours I've been scrubbing and soaking with copious amounts of fabric softener one 15 lb., football shaped (the better to punt him, I say) little pea brain that thinks he's a pit bull, and of course MUCH more of the same for his 80 lb. "blond" side kick, who just can't seem to grasp the concept that the JRT NEVER HAS GOOD IDEAS! I can ALMOST forgive her. This is her first experience with a skunk, but the JRT?!! This has got to be at least the 5TH TIME the little (*&^% has tangled with one. I swear, next time I'm just going to run him through the washing machine! Now will someone please tell me .... WHY do I have dogs?!
The fabric softener works pretty well, but a faint trace of the odor still lingers for a few days. It's just that you would think after, oh, I don't know, the SECOND TIME the little squirrel brain did this he would get a clue! Now I'm wide awake, won't sleep for hours, and he's crashed out in the laundry room SNORING! Grrrrr............
That reminds me to bring that DE SKUNK recepie from work. I know that there will be peroxid and antibacterial soap in and Vanillaextract.
By the way, JRT are great hunter and this "kitten" attract yours. You will deal with such accidents for a while.
Oh NO! SO sorry! My lab can't resist a skunk either. I have ten bottles of tomato juice in the pantry! It works great, but she always gets hit right in the face so it is hard to really get it off of her snout and around her eyes.

How does that go with fabric softener??
There are just some animals that need to die. At least that is what my dogs think. My Lily thinks that cows are the devil's own agents. She insists on barking her head off and charging at them every chance she gets. Great plan, except the neighbors raise Texas longhorns. Texas longhorns have little tolerance for fools and they have a viciously pointed rack spanning about 5' or so. One very large vet bill and a punctured dog later, you would think that Lily had learned her lesson. Not so. She is still aggravating the cows.

Lucy, on the other hand (my avatar dog), has chosen to defend the kingdom from bunnies. Dastardly beasts, those bunnies. You just never know when they will go on a rabbit rampage and take over the universe. Lucy is on the ball though and has managed to hold off the hasenpfeffer holocaust with her barking. The kingdom is safe.

The plus side is that we don't have that many skunks out here. I'm sure they would be on the death list too. I feel your pain.
Because your JRT is thinking the same thing about the skunk, next time he's gonna run that skunk through the washer.. or rip him to shreds at the very least!! LOL! Been there done that!

Because nothing loves us like our dogs.........one morning before work my Corso disappears... while I call her I turn to look in the field and it looks like someones waving a white peace flag with some earnest......wait....... no, that's my girl waving a skunk around by it's head. JOY! So what I want to know is, does the fabric softner work? I've used the dawn soap, baking soda, peroxide (bleaches the fur too, btw), vineger, tomato juice, it all only helps with the smell, but it doesn't get rid of it!
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Reminds me of my cousins experience. She had to call in to work "Skunked" one morning. They ask if she was sick when she called in, she hates lying so she says no i have been sprayed by a skunk.The office lady tells her "OKAY, do not come to work, under any circumstances."

My JRT hasn't ever had the skunk experience, but he has caught 3 oppossums in the last 10 years. I felt like you were describing him just now. He has no quit button.

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