Oh Pip, Pip, who-fore art thou, Pip?


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Jun 10, 2016
Metrowest Boston
In my batch that I hatched nine weeks ago, one small chick hopped out of an egg marked FF for “Fun and Funky.” I can’t tell you what color or size the egg was with any assurance: perhaps small and white, perhaps larger and light brown.

According to MPC, where I purchased the eggs, a “fun and funky” chick, a FF might be:

Possible Fun and Funky Genes: Crested, Frizzle, Sizzle, Naked Neck, Silkied
Possible Breeds: Easter Egger, Cochin, Silkies, Polish, Silchen, Seramas, etc.

So here’s Pip at 9 weeks. S/he (I think a pullet because of the flat comb and skinny legs?) is slightly smaller than my easter eggers and copper maran, fast, full of personality and quite chipper. Her/his bearing is more upright than the EE’s. I’ve included a pic with an EE and CM so that you can see the relative size.

Any thoughts on breed? Gender? Or do I need to wait a few more weeks?

In the pic below, Pip is on the left, with an EE and CM to her right

Gray, unfeathered legs and toes

Thanks for your ideas!
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Looks like its bearded, pea combed and has slate legs. I'd guess its an EE. Since EEs are essentially mixed breeds and all birds are individuals that develop at their own rate, size really has no bearing.

I do think its a pullet though, a pretty one!

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