Ok, now I am worried, scared, nervous.....


11 Years
Aug 16, 2008
Got my first 'bators, got a thermometer today that also reads humidity, and I am absolutely terrified that I will screw up the hatch!

First, I am reading carton/vs no carton methods. I plan on using my forced air for incubating with hand turning and moving eggs to the still air on day 18 in a carton for hatching.

Today I am reading about dry incubation, issues with turning, wet chicks, etc...and it is just all overwhelming!!! I am wondering what have I got myself into? What if nothing out of the eggs going in the 'bator hatches??

Just needed to get it all out. I am so nervous I am actually sick to my stomach!!
ya throw the eggs away,, learn from what ya did,, and try a different way next time,, just like everything in life,, and why worry ,, chickens make more eggs every day

You will be fine. You will do everything in your power to make sure it goes well. You might lose a couple but more than likely they will all hatch. It is normal to feel like this. Just something new to learn. You will learn from each and every hatch. Something new will happen and you will adjust and learn.
Yeah, calm yourself!

You will most likely have some that make it and some that don't. You have to just learn from each hatch. Record all the data you can about temps and humidity every day so you can look back and study what you did.

Its gonna be fine...you can do it!!!

OK....First of all...take a nice, deep breath .......there. Better?

Now, I know what it feels like to try hatching for the first time.
(In fact the first time I did it i failed
) But one really important thing to remember is that when you fall, you must pick yourself up again, or else you won't be able to face your fears.
Yes, there are quite a lot of bad hatches and things that go wrong, but there are also lots and lots of things that CAN'T go wrong.
But to make things run as smoothly as you can, you must try and not give up. Things may be hard at first, but you will get the hang of it!

But, what things do you know right now about incubating eggs? Do you know about temp./hum. and about egg development? The more detailed you are, the more help you can get.
Start off with asking questions that you don't know the answer to or aren't sure about. Then we you can go from there!
If you have any questions at all, feel free to PM me and ask away! I will see if I can't get some answers.

Good luck!
I guess I am just confused. There are so many different ways to do things.

Has anyone else just hand turned? then set the eggs in cartons for the last 3 days to hatch?
I know about temps, not totally sure on humidity. Just an anxious, nervous new hatcher LOL

Only eggs I have incubated were under a broody hen LOL and they are due to hatch on Monday...sigh...
It will be okay. Live and learn, even if nothing happens with this bath, you have learned something, then on to the next with more knowledge.
Though I will be hoping you hatch out some fuzzy little chicks!

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