Okay, who laid the egg?

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    So, I have 1 rooster, 2 year old EE's, both of whom lay large blue eggs, 1 8 month old EE who lays a small green egg, 1 8 month old mixie that lays a large light brown egg, and a 26 week old welsummer who lays small speckled brown eggs. I also have an 18 week old wyandotte, and an 18 week old amberlink, neither of whom have started laying, yet. I thought.

    Yesterday I received an egg from each of my 5 older girls, including, (I think) the welsummer. At least, I had a small speckled brown egg in the nest box. I just went out today to check, and I found 2 small brown speckled eggs in the nest box. Which means, A- my welsummer laid two eggs today???? or, B- my wyandotte or my amberlink finally started laying. But I didn't think either of their breeds lay speckled eggs?

    Any thoughts? I want to know who laid that second speckled egg.
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    I have a wyandotte that lays speckled egg sometimes, other hens do too....clogged spray booth...lol. Speckling is not unusual, even for birds that don't generally lay a speckled egg, when they first start laying.
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