oklahoma chickenstock-- SUCCESS!!!AWESOME!!!THANKS TO ALL!!


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Nov 7, 2007
Wister, Oklahoma
The Oklahoma ChickenStock has been Rescheduled for October 25th 2008, the times will remain the same. Please Pm me if you would like a show catalog and/or entry form. All Venders are welcome.
all birds attending, being showen, or in any contest or being sold in the sales area must be tested, and banded. We will have a tester on site for those of you who do not have a tester in your area, the test will be good for a year, so that means anyone wanting show any birds in the fall will already have their birds tested. For entry forms and show catalog, please email me or pm me and I will send them out to you right away. [email protected]. All moneys made from the raffles and booth rentals will be donated to the local 4-H and FFA clubs. For more information, booth rentals, or to enter the main show or one of the contests, pleans email me at the address above. The Following is some of what will be happing at the stock.

Main Chicken Show 1st, 2nd, & 3rd will receive a trophie and money

costumed chicken contest winner will receive a trophie and money

Uglest Chicken contest winner will receive a trophie and money.

Arts and Crafts,


Sales area to buy or sell your chickens

Raffles including a pair of mille fluer Old English Game Bantam, Hatching Eggs, Chicken Dacor', Hatchery Gift Cards, Back Yard Poultry Magazine subscription, and much, much more!

Some Come on out and Join the fun and help donate for a great cause.
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COUNT ME IN!! I am so excited that this may happen. Where the heck is Wister? My family plans around my chicken activities mostly as I am the one that does our calender ( yes we have that much stuff going usually) so I get first dibs on chicken days. I will need a little time to get pens done in case we have a swap/sell. Maybe we can find a few sponsors feed stores etc, for raffle prizes etc.
I tried to help out with the BYC National Chickenstock and we hit a lot of roadblocks. We just need to see what if anything it can be tied into. Then of course there is the cost. I don't have much time right now to delve into everything but when I get back from Florida I will try and add my one cents worth.
sounds great ya'll:clap I need to know about where everyone is so that we can kinda get it centeralized or We can do it here in Poteau, Oklahoma. I will call tomorrow and get some costs, on the barns down at the Leflore County Fair Grounds. Thats a good Ideal graceful, I will also call around and see who would like to sponser, also let your local 4-Hers andFFa goers know too. As for activities keep the ideas coming, and buckguy we will be awaiting your return for a few ideas too. Thanks
I am soooo happy this will be great, ya'll give me some dates that ya'll might be able to make and lets see what we can come up with.


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