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    Mar 18, 2007
    hello all...

    I have a golden seabright named pretty girl who is about 6 years old now. She has been showing signs of her old age, and suffering from all sorts of problems. Tonight, when I went in to get a head count, I picked her up and tucked her in my coat as I always do on cold nights, to give her a boost. I noticed she was having a hard time breathing, I brought her in and noticed that she was really laboring, and had a lot of mucus in her mouth ( clear goobers) but the strangest thing happened. Her right eye was bubbling as if saliva was coming out of her eyeball. It really freaked me out. She is inside the house now in the dog crate with fresh straw, water and some bread soaked in milk. She is doing a little better, and I noticed that she was drinking water, so that's a good sign. She is Sleeping now, but still struggling to breathe. It's almost like she has croupe or something? So my questions are...

    1.) any ideas on what is wrong with her?

    2.) how many of you kill and eat your birds after they stop laying? I don't have the heart to do this, but I hate seeing them grow old and suffer too!!! Seems like life is cruel [​IMG]

    3.) How do you know if a chicken is in pain?

    4.) What do you do if a chicken gets too old to survive the elements, but isn't suffering from anything other than old age? Should she become a house pet, literally? This is all so complicated!

    Any and all of your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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  2. hooligan

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    Aug 20, 2007
    Sounds like a sinus infection. I'd get some antibiotics from the vet. Baytril, dicural are good ones. Dicural is like generic Baytril and lots cheaper.
    Chickens make great house pets but to me she is far from old. A chickens life span is 10-12 yrs. I had a roo that lived to be 14.

    ETA: If you think you can't kill and eat her don't. It seems you are very attatched to her and a 6 yr old chicken wouldn't be worth the effort of eating anyway. [​IMG]
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    Sep 6, 2007
    spring hill, florida
    Hi, There are many here more experienced than me. My chicken was in pain a few days ago, she was panting, didn't want to move, not eating much. I Have been giving her aspirin and she hops around now, makes her bokbok noises, and has a hearty appetite.
    It seems alot of people here are having mucous problems lately.
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    Exactly what I was gonna say, Seminole...
    When Slifer's arthritis was acting up, she'd pant and hold her leg up a bit to keep the weight off it.

    A 6 year old chicken isn't worth eating because she'd be too tough and there's not a buncha meat on a Sebright...LOL

    You can put some Vicks Vaporub on her beak and in her wingpits.
    Vetrx in her water might help also.
  5. therealsilkiechick

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    Jul 18, 2007
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    sounds like conjunctivitis but the bubbling eyes is also a sign of a number of other respiratory problems. I s there any yellowish liquid or crust around the eye? teramycin will clear it up, dose is 4 teaspoos per gallon of water for 10 days, then 2 weeks off, if it comes back re-dose for another 10 days. If it keeps coming back you might have to have the infecton irrigated which can be pretty costly.

    Silkie's DH
  6. hummingberd

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    Mar 18, 2007
    ok, a quick update...

    Pretty girl is doing well. She's in her dog crate sleeping and snoring (yes I'm serious) away. There are no more breathing problems and no more bubbling eye. She is eating and drinking just fine. She does have a little diahrreah which I discovered after letting her out of the cage to roam around my kitchen. Yeah, that was nice, but then again that's what I get for letting a chicken loose in the house! She is even extremely chatty. When I came home today, she was boking away.

    So, I'm assuming her ailments were because of the cold. The problem is, I don't know if I should keep her inside for the rest of the winter. She's so darned little. Maybe I should keep her inside during any nights that drop below freezing? Hmm...

    What do you all you chicken professionals suggest?

    Thanks so much to everyone who left info. I really appreciate your responses. [​IMG]
  7. hooligan

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    Aug 20, 2007
    Well being the sucker I am I would keep her inside. If you are worried about the poop just get a chicken diaper [​IMG]
    I am so happy she is doing well [​IMG]
  8. silkiechicken

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    Since she is so small, it might be best to keep her in for a while. Not much to eat on her anyways. Six is an admirable age for chickens, especially since most don't get a chance to reach that age and often, are not bred for long term lives. Lots of birds come down with tumors and other things that show up because their parents were bred for eggs to make more birds to sell, rather than long term viability. I personally eat alot of my birds, even though they are 3-4 years old at the time, they make a very flavorful soup. You don't have to eat them though if you don't want.
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    House chicken
    House chicken
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