OMG how horrible

Oh jeez, another blunder!

That is very tough for the owner to have to put the dog down again! What was the reason for the dog to be put down? The article didn't say why the dog was being put down.

I hope the owner will find some peace...and the dog too!
I believe it said that she had spinal problems. We just had a Boxer put to sleep in August(It was on my bday) and I swear this just terrifies me, I wonder how many owners are terrified that they have buried their pets alive now.
In the James Herriot's books, he was once called out to a farm to treat a sick cow. While there, he noticed a sheep that was dying and suffering terribly. When the owner stepped out of the barn, the vet ran over and euthanized the sheep. Then he zipped back to the cow, and never told the owner anything. A few days later, he returned to check the cow, and the sheep was up eating hay. He used that method in future cases, to give an animal a break from constant illness, like diarrhea, and pain, to give the body a chance to heal. A bit different case, but still interesting.
I am in tears... that poor poor family!

I cried for days, and days, when we put down our Cat. I am still not over it nearly 4 years later. I didn't have the $1000's of dollars to save his life, and it took me 6 months to understand his pain was not worth having him in my lap every morning.

Oh if this was to happen I don't know what I would do. To have to go through it again? I couldn't handle it. Its like removing life support ...twice!!!

Not 'zactly. He gave the sheep what he thought should have been a lethal dose of a general anesthetic, but he didn't administer it properly. The correct way to give the dose would have been in a vein, but he didn't have time to go hunting for one, so he injected it in the peritoneum (abdominal cavity). The dose would be absorbed more slowly that way, which may explain why it didn't kill the sheep, as he intended. I know of a drug that is commonly used in horses, that can kill if injected in the vein. It must always, always be given in the muscle, everyone that uses it has that drilled into them!

It's a shame that the clinic that did the necessary on this dog didn't do the job properly. It's hard enough to bring yourself to the decision to end a pet's life, to have to do it twice must be dreadful!
I put a wolf to sleep once. It had been confined its whole life and at seventeen years plus, it was "time" for him to go. My vet gave me syringes of stuff and told me what to do. He went to sleep, but he did not die, and started to come back out of it. I went back, and he gave me double the lethal dose. Same thing. He went to sleep but did not stop breathing. While he was asleep, I did what I needed to to make sure he didn't wake up. It was awful to have to do that, but at least he was asleep. The vet said that in very old animals, sometimes the circulation is so slowed down and compromised, that the medication can't get pumped around enough to do what it has to do. It can just sit there and slowly be absorbed over time, with the liver being able to metabloize it before it gets to the bloodstream in general, in lethal levels. That may be what happened to that poor dog and his owner.

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