OMG How very, very tempting but can't but questions on this breed.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Nov 30, 2010.

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    [​IMG] Why can't I be closer....... [​IMG]
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    I did my research on these! If they have some nice quality thats an awesome price! The ones I wanted were $120. Heres the down fall there not like regular ducks or chickens....what I was told is that they don't like to "bond" with thier owner. Besides that they are pretty much like other dukcs. So I was told [​IMG]
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    Well I want ducks that WANT to bond with their owners. Those Mandarins are a sight for sore eyes, but what duck isn't a sight for sore eyes right? But it something to consider some day if I'm on a lake. But wow, they certainly are pretty!
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    Jan 24, 2010
    My opinion is mandies are fussy. They don't bond, they have to have nest raised and of a certin size or no eggs. They incubate well so mommy has to do it for best results. They are very flighty. I've had the chance a few times for them but I just can't do it.
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    My mandies never "bonded" with me especially, but they know me as their food person and are usually calm in my presence and seem to trust me. They sure don't like strangers tho! My sister was visiting over the summer and wanted to see them in real life, so we SLOWLY and QUIETLY entered their enclosure - suddenly, they all freaked out and were flying into walls and plants, and were flailing all over the place - so we high tailed it out of there before they hurt themselves! They seemed very nervous for several days after that incident - and needless to say, I've since made it my policy to never take visitors in to see them.

    But thats the difference between wild species and domestic breeds - mandarins tend to be very skittish even if they're hand raised. Personally, I would never keep them unless I could put them in a covered/planted enclosure - mine live in a 24' x 14' greenhouse, but others have theirs in pens made of wood and wire and/or netting. If you turn them out on open water, they may not stick around for very long, and cages are just wrong for them, IMO.

    Despite their wild tendancies, I LOVE them. Their beauty is unsurpassed, and the way they play and interact with each other is a sight to behold. When I work in the greenhouse, they are very curious and as long as I don't make any fast moves, they love to get into the middle of whatever I'm doing - and if I stand still long enough, they will get close enough to eat out of my hand. Its a "look but don't touch" type relationship tho.
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    good price. As for bonding mine wont follow me around (except feeding time then I have to move very slow cause they are right under foot till I give them food) Not mean at all. Only lay eggs in the spring like most wild type ducks.Yes they use a raised box(mine are 4ft off ground on post with 4-5 in hole opening . Usually 7-12 eggs. Easy duck to keep. Are harder to incubate. But for beauty hard to beat. Ive never heard of someone getting any and regretting it. Plus real easy to sell the offspring. I love mine (I kept 7 breeder pairs this year) Had about 30-40 babies this yr. Manderins also breed their first year.
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    I love my Mandies. They are not flighty but they aren't bonded to me. I love the vocalizations. I love to look at them. When people visit, they are always the ones they talk about. But I did not get them to breed or cuddle. Just to look at and enjoy. I hope to have more than just the one pair and baby someday.
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    You will need to build a flight pen for them. You cannot have them go in and out like your current ducks. It's a hole different story with them and you need to have experience to even dare to take them on. Think of it as a wild bird that will never be tamed. Domestic ducks are simpler, and there are a lot of nice looking ones to choose from.
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    These opinions and stories are enough for me to not want to have them. I'd enjoy their beauty, but with how much my boys and I are "Hands On" with our ducks, these would not be suitable for my family. I can't help but deep down eventually still want a goose or two, but that is only after my ducks are gone, which could be a long time from now.

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