OMG my poor babies....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE at end of thread!!!

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  1. chickie_momma

    chickie_momma In the Brooder

    Aug 20, 2008
    I was in the basement and I heard the chicks squealing like crazy. I walk in and my DOG, the pekingese was in my 42 gallon brooder attacking my babies!!!

    Some one must have left the door open!!

    They seem to be alright- just flustered.

    I feel like the orst chicken momma EVER!

    Poor Mable was on top of the othe 4 girls with her wings stretched out trying to protect them.

    Updat...........Mable is limping and the other is bleeding from her tail....I seperated them, andcleaned Annies tail and wrapped it up- but the bone is exposed, and she just picked off the dressing

    What can I do????? The base of her tail bone is popped up and she is chirping like crazy
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  2. arlee453

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    Aug 13, 2007
    near Charlotte NC
    Oooooo bad doggie!

    So sorry your babies got mixed up with the pup!

    Hope someone will come along with some wisdom for the badly injured tail. Minimally you want to do something to make sure the others don't peck her. Maybe cordon off a part of the brooder with cardboard so she will still be warm, but will not be pecked?

    Anyone else??
  3. swtangel321

    swtangel321 ~Crazy Egg Lady~

    Jul 11, 2008
    I feel your pain, my rotti did the "deed" a few days back and some how got into the silkie pen, well everyone ran out and she ended up killing 2 (a silkie and a baby barred rock) I was so mad !!!! So happend to be my fav black silkie [​IMG] I didnt talk to my dog for like 3 days (she hates it when we dont talk to her, she knows were mad) I know she didnt mean to kill it she just wanted to play with it so I cant hate her forever !!!! At least you didnt loose anyone !!!!! Maybe you should put some kind of top over the brooder just in case the doggie gets in again, thats what I did with my chicks when there were inside !!!

    Ohhh, and your not a bad chicken mama, things happen !!!!
  4. chickie_momma

    chickie_momma In the Brooder

    Aug 20, 2008
  5. Renee

    Renee Songster

    May 7, 2008
    Do a quick search for aspirin- I can't remember how much in a gallon but it will help with her pain. Do you have neosporin?
  6. chickie_momma

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    Aug 20, 2008
    for the first time ever i have no neosporin-have to get it in the morning. What do I do with the bone that is popping up?????????????????????
  7. Renee

    Renee Songster

    May 7, 2008
    It's one 81 mg aspirin in one quart of water. You can give it to her from an eyedropper, a drop on the end of her beak and she will swallow it. I'm not sure how many drops, quite a few I would think.

    Can you clean it up, disinfect it, and stitch it shut?
  8. MandyH

    MandyH You'll shoot your eye out!

    It needs to be cleaned, disinfected and a barrier put between bone and the outside environment. Don't clean with peroxide though. Warm soap and water will do if that is all you have for now.
  9. Renee

    Renee Songster

    May 7, 2008
    On another thread about the runner ducks nnbreeder recommended Betadine or Blu-kote if it is not too deep.
  10. Matt A NC

    Matt A NC Crowing

    Feb 22, 2007
    Morganton, NC
    Quote:Check the limping one over. As long as nothing is broken she probably just has a strain.

    The other is more of a problem. First get the area as clean as possible. Then cover liberally with neosporin, 3in1, or other antibacterial gel. You may need to spray with one of the anti=pick sprays(blu-kote, Hot pick, etc). With bone exposed you may not be able to save her.

    Pain releif is 5 standard aspirin in 1 gallon of water.


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