OMG! What is this dead thing in my driveway?????


10 Years
Feb 9, 2009
Capital Region NY
Looks like having 6 cats might be a benefit....but what the heck is this dead thing? Pretty sure it was hunting my chickens, it's got tiny pointed teeth. Just gross

DH just got home, and said it's a minx
I thought it looked kinda like a weasel myself, but never having seen one in person, I don't know. I'm just glad my kitties got it before it got my chickens. DH said it's young yet, probably would have gone after the eggs, not the chickens. Ummm, think he's forgetting I have Serama's and Pyncheons out there also, that wouldn't stand a chance against any kind of hunter, no matter how small. Not to mention all the babies the broodies have hatched out.
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Looks like a Weasel or Martin (in the Weasel family )- I almost ran over a mink the other day - it ran across the road with a baby in its mouth! It was a beautiful dark dark brown. Thank goodness that is was not close to my house
I've never seen a mink with that sort of white belly coloring.... and I use a LOT of fur, I make hats, mittens and such from them. I've also never seen a mink with a black tipped tail... their tails are usually one color... It's definitely not a marten and if it was you'd need save the pelt and sell it for about $

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