Onagadori Chicks

I think i got them uploaded..lol


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I am building a santuary similar to the pic with the tree and large rocks. Im makeing large fake boulders from styrofoam and cement mix to create them a place to be off the ground. Because of the length of their tails they need more room than other breeds and they need to be able to get off the ground and be in high places.
There are no true Onagadori in the US. A good Phoenix can get 4ft tails and it takes a lot of care to get that length. Onagadori require much more care than the Phoenix - seclusion and special diet. The proto-onag are somewhere in between, again, they need special care. I'm guessing you have done some research on the care needed to maintain them. You will find some very good information right here on BYC. I raise standard and bantam Phoenix and some non molters. They are wonderful birds but for me, it's a full time/life time job lol.

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