One chicken will not lay

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    Jun 27, 2016
    I have 8 chickens of several different breeds. One is a california grey which is part leghorn and she is the sweetest chicken. She sits in the nest box, does not want to go out and eat and she seems to have gone broody. I gave her a pelvic exam early on when this started to happen and she is not egg bound. She used to be my best layer and was the only white egg layer so I know she has not laid for several weeks now.
    Any suggestions ?
    I have a small coop,which could hold 12 chickens and a 10 by 20 yard for them with shade and sun. She used to love to free range but the next door neighbor complained that they were going into his garage and pooping so I had to put a wire top on the yard. I tried to let her free range a bit one afternoon but she was having none of it.

    I do not have much space - should I get her some babies? I would have to separate her from the others with the babies? Should I get her a fertilized egg or 2?
    I do pick her up every day and put her in the yard when I feed treats from the kitchen that she likes. She does eat and drink then.
    I was thinking of taking her for a ride in the car to get her mind off of it?

    The other chickens are not the most nice to her.

    Thank you for suggestions
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    Your best choice is to get some day old chicks and put them under her quietly at night. You need at least two. You could get her some fertilized eggs, and you would need at least two or three. But then she would be broody for three more weeks, and then a while with her chicks.

    You don't need to separate her from the others, especially if she has eggs, unless after she has chicks they are being very mean. And I don't see how a ride would get her mind of it, she will still be broody. It is normal.

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