one egg due to lockdown in bator, 13 others are on day 10-

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    I hope this isnt confusing. But I have one egg that is a bit further along in the process than the other 13 I have. My question is, when it comes time for egg1 to be in lockdown, will shutting off the egg turner hurt the other eggs until it hatches? Or what if I keep the turner on, will egg1 not be able to hatch?
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    Your 1 egg that i due to be in lockdown should NOT be left on the turner. The chick needs to be able to get positioned for hatch and with turning it will not be able to determine which way. I left and went to my sister for 2 days and did not turn eggs and I have not had a problem.

    i dunno what others think?? but I wouldnt see anything wrong with sneaking in on day 19 and 20 and turning your other 13 eggs and then maybe on the final day of lock down leave them alone to ensure that your 1 egg has a steady humidity.
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    Unless you are utilizing a cabinet incubator where you have multiple hatches in different trays then multiple hatches are a very bad idea. The chick that hatches can really mess the other eggs up and effect their hatch rate.

    You can easily save eggs for 10 to 14 days with no drop in fertility if kept at room temp.; then set them all at the same time. saladin

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