one last set of opinions please before he is rehomed - EE


9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
DeLand, FL
Hi all!

This is my 9 week old suspected EE cockerel. He was from a group of hatchery sexed pullets. Opinions have been either "roo/cockerel" or "wait and see". Does anyone think he may be a she?? There has been no crowing, but he seems to strut a little taller than the ladies. Also, he is the only one with such a bright comb. Any advice would be appreciated... he is going to a new home this weekend if no one here thinks he could be a she - I am leaving for the summer and don't want to risk any crowing under my hubby's watch! Neighbors would be ticked!

Thanks for looking!



I think rehoming him is exactly your next step. I absolutely think that's a boy from his comb to his tail feathers. I have one exactly like it-same color and pattern- that was supposed to be a sexed pullet as well....started crowing around 3 weeks or so.

Yep, you've got a real pretty boy there!

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