One of my hens appears to be ill... please help!

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    Sep 22, 2012
    Today, for the first time, I got three new hens. The one I think is is appears to be a Plymouth Rock, but as I don't know much about chickens I'm not completely sure. Her name is Alice.
    Alice is an ex-battery hen (so are my two other New Red Hampshires) so I'm expecting her to be a bit sickly, but I'm a worrier, so I just want my worriers to be cleared. Here are the things I'm bothered about:
    • Alice will not move. She has been settled in for a few hours now, and I know she has been cramped up, but the other hens have moved around a lot. Alice has only flicked her comb to the side and sat down.
    • Alice's poo is runny. Or at least I believe it's poo. It's goop. It comes out in a small trail of yellow-green sludge.
    • Alice does not make any noise. Her mouth opens wide, she shakes and she narrows her eyes, but that' the closest she comes to talking.
    • My other hens eat and drink up hungrily and thirstily. Alice does not. I have tried moving her towards the food and water containers, but she just turns away. I offer her food by hand and she looks scared.
    Just to clarify again, I AM expecting illness from ex-battery hens, but I want to know if there's anything I can do to make Alice feel better. Help, please?
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    Welcome to BYC! Thats a great thing you did, rescuing those battery hens.

    At first, all battery hens are going to be surprised at all the space they have, but the symptons you described doesn't sound normal at all.
    Ok, this is gonna be nasty, but take a look at this website and tell me which poops look like hers:
    Is she making a gurgling noise in her throat? Is she gaping (opening her mouth like she is yawning?) Is she coughing, wheezing, or sneezing? If you can, open her mouth and see if you see any red dots around or under her tongue. Ok, you need to keep her hydrated. Get a syringe and squirt water mixed with some sugar into her throat slowly, not to fast or she may get it in her lungs. The food can wait, but get as much water in her as possible. Check out this page and see if any of the diseases match Alice:

    I'll be praying for her and you! god bless!

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