one of my leghorns just laid her first clutch. any info on cheap incubators please?

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    one of my leghorns just laid her first clutch (at this time of year even)shes not near as attentive as i would like to see...almost not at all. I would love to know a quick, cheap and safe way to ensure a better hatch rate than she may give. cheap incubators that work, how to make one-anything is much appreciated! thanks so much.
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    Many/most leghorns (depending upon variety) are unlikely to go broody. It's a trait that has been bred out of them in the name of productivity. Go to the "Raising backyard chickens" forum and click on the 'Incubating and hatching eggs' section for incubator recommendations .
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    You might do better if you resubmit this in a different forum =)

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