One of the chicks I hatched has deformed feet?!


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Dec 3, 2013

Hi Everyone,

One of the chicks I just hatched has these bent toes and one of my friends said it may be due to inbreeding? However, these are mutt chicks that came from a farm with multiple hens and roos. She is going to be 2 weeks old this Wednesday. These chicks were sent 18 hours via USPS to Wisconsin. Could it be from the shipping? She gets along great and she can perch. She will live a full, great life, unless people think that she should be culled because she will suffer?? Please help!

It could be genetic or it could be incubator related. You could try chick boots to correct it, though it is easiest to fix when they hatch. As long as the chick can get around okay there is no reason to have to cull.
Very helpful;
Look near the bottom half of the page!
Hope this helps.
I received my chicks on 4/18/14 at approx 3 days old. Just noticed that one of them - now nearly 2 months old - has the same crooked toe on each it too late to try to straighten it? It doesn't seem to impede the chicken in any way - has it just adjusted to the affliction?
Our big Orp cockerel has these deformed toes. The breeder said that it was from the incubator and that she had splinted his feet from baby. They corrected, but are now growing back deformed again. He gallops like a horse on grass, and only has a problem with balance on solid surfaces. He is healthy and happy. No reason to cull.

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