Open coop in winter.


Jul 13, 2018
Ok so I have this store bought coop with chain for walls on the side, so there is basically no protection from the outside. I live in Ohio and it is becoming winter and I don’t know what to do. I read that they’ll be fine in cold with a weather proof coop, but mine is anything but. Please help! It sort of looks like this:
They will do okay in cold temps even below freezing, but need to be dry and out of the wind. But still lots of fresh air. And you will want to keep their water from freezing.
I would suggest closing in three of the sides. Leaving one open that faces away from the prevailing winds.
I would use plywood. Or upcycle some scrap wood.
Cheaper route would be some heavy plastic. Something that won't tear in the wind. Like a tarp. That would let in the light.
I agree with cholland. On my duck run, I use scrap plywood to make a U-shaped windbreak that fits around one end.

I just went to Menards yesterday (because we had SNOW in northern Iowa Sunday!) and bought new tarps for all the chicken runs.

I will hang the tarps with my favorite building tool -- zip ties -- around the sides and over the top to keep wind and snow out, but leave one end open to allow fresh air in.

I also pile straw bales along some of the outside walls to reduce the winds and add insulation. Northern Iowa is extremely flat and terribly windy.
Pic of your actual coop would help.
Cover most the mesh on that run, except the end across from pop door.
Clear plastic is best so they still have light and you have some visibility.
Ventilation might be your biggest challenge,
I'd cut a big hole at the peak above the pop door

How many birds in there?
Do you have larger run attached to this coop/run combo?

Are you in southern or northern Ohio?
Please add your general geographical location to your profile.
It's easy to do, then it's always there!
I'm a first year flock and have this same coop. We've since built a bigger one but similar style. I plan on wrapping the side opposite the door and around the corner with a tarp and under the actual "coop" I'm going to stack straw bales around the sides. I think stacked two tall (so six total).
I let my chickens freee range so I don’t have a run. Could I just wrap a tarp around most of the coop, and leave a small portion open for ventilation?
Heavy duty clear plastic shower curtains work well. Attach them to the outside of your run to provide a wind block and still let in light. Be sure and leave one side open like aart suggested. Preferably the side opposite the prevailing winds.

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