Open Navel with Thick Cord...PLEASE HELP!

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    Dec 2, 2015
    Hi everyone! So our chicks finally started hatching yesterday and the first one that pipped ended up pipping into the very top of the air cell and never pulled her beak back in to zip, so after 24 hours I assisted it. She's out now and flopping around but has a huge, thick string of yuck dragging behind her from her navel. I'm hoping someone more experienced could tell me what it might be and if there's anyway for me to help this poor baby?[​IMG]
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    Aug 21, 2015
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    I believe that's the umbilical cord, or possibly part of the yolk sac that had not absorbed. The important thing for you to do is not to let it get infected, or tangle around her legs. This is where incubator sanitation is especially important. Some people use an antibiotic ointment, slathered around the navel area. Watch for reddening or excessive swelling that could indicate an infection (omphalitis). You could also use Veterycin wound and skin care (that's my go-to for nearly any chicken injury [​IMG]) The umbilical cord will eventually dry up, but the navel could easily get infected. Just make sure she and her surroundings are kept as clean as possible until her navel heals.

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